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Post-Garza County Endowment works to address the needs most relevant to the community, providing lasting benefits to the people of Post and Garza County, and providing donors a means through which their contributions can help the community now and for generations to come.

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For most of us, that means contributing to local charitable causes periodically. But those who are especially grateful – or those to whom life has been especially generous sometimes want to do more.

That’s where the Post-Garza County Endowment comes in.

Background & Mission

What is the Post-Garza County Endowment?

For you, it’s a way to lend a hand that’s always ready to help.

For Post and Garza County, it ensures that help is here when it’s needed – now and for generations to come.

Since 1981, thousands of donors have used the expertise of Community Foundation of West Texas to improve quality of life throughout the South Plains area. The Post-Garza County Endowment, an affiliate of Community Foundation of West Texas, was created in 2010 to give the people of Post and Garza County the opportunity to build a pool of permanent resources exclusively for the benefit of their community.

Top Reasons to Create the Post-Garza County Endowment

  1. To improve the quality of life in this area
  2. To preserve the wealth of this community and keep it working for good
  3. To provide a flexible infrastructure that makes it easy and affordable for donors to establish endowments for the lasting benefit of this community
  4. To build resources to respond to changing and emerging community needs
  5. To assist people in achieving their charitable and estate planning goals
  6. To increase overall charitable resources in this community. 

What is an Endowment?

An endowment fund is a permanent fund, the principal of which is preserved and invested for long term growth and appreciation. Grants are made from the annual earnings of the endowment. Over time, the value of the annual grants will far exceed the value of the original gifts.

Leading the way

The Post-Garza County Endowment Advisory Board is made up of people of vision who understand the value of a community endowment and hope to inspire others to join the endeavor. These local civic and community leaders ensure your gift is administered efficiently and that your charitable intent is honored.

Post-Garza County Endowment Advisory Board

Thressa Harp
Patty Kirkpatrick
Janie Lopez
Debbie Macy
Judge Lee Norman – Advisory
Diann Windham

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